Monday, August 16, 2010

My Complete Route for the 15 in 15

Here is the detailed maps for my 15 days of running! I will be leaving at approximately 7:30am each day except for August 22, when I will be leaving around 1pm after speaking in the morning. If you want to run with me for any or all of a day, please e-mail me and let me know which day and where you want to meet up. I'm estimating an average of 12 minute miles, which may be slower or faster depending on how I feel, who's running with me, and the weather! And you can run 1 mile or all 26 miles; we will have a driver who can take you back to your car.  The more the merrier!

Day 1 - Tuesday Aug 17 - Winchester to Front Royal. Winchester ministry focuses on delivering groceries in low income neighborhoods, and is a site for Impact the Valley. Front Royal is the headquarters for Impact the Valley. We have several active TOP youth groups in Front Royal. We will be leaving from the downtown walking mall, near the Court House.

Day 2 - Wednesday, Aug 18 - Front Royal to Mt. Carmel Church - Leaving from the Gazebo at 7:30am, running 522 south until we get to the Appalachian Trail, then running the trails to Route 50, and a short trip to Mt. Carmel. Mileage on this map is estimate, was hard to map the trail but I'm sure it will be at least 26 miles! This will be the most scenic route, but also the hardest!  Mt. Carmel is one of three churches on the Paris Mountain Charge. Providence Chapel, where I will be speaking Wednesday night is my home church! So I'm home this day.

Day 3 - Thursday, Aug 19 - Paris to Chantilly - Leaving from Trinity UMC and running Route 50 into Chantilly. Trinity is the third church in our charge.  Ending at Pleasant Valley Church, the church where TOP started!

Day 4 - Friday, Aug 20 - Chantilly (Sterling) to DC - Leaving from the W&OD parking lot off of Route 28(Sully Rd). I will be running the W&OD trail until it intersects with the Custis Trail, then taking the Custis Trail into Georgetown across Key Bridge. I will end up at McPherson Square, one of the main parks where we do ministry in DC. A good run without much road to worry about!

Day 5 - Saturday, Aug 21 - I will leave DC starting from the Lincoln Memorial, and running the entire Mt. Vernon Trail. The run will end on Route 1 as we head to Fredericksburg. Another scenic run (except for the last few miles), and mostly flat!

 Day 6 - Sunday, Aug 22 - After speaking in Hopewell, VA I will be shuttled back to Route 1 and will start this run in the early afternoon. We will be running entirely on Route 1 (ugh). This will be a afternoon/early evening run for those who aren't morning runners. I will be ending in Fredericksburg, one of our newer ministry sites - we are still trying to develop the most effective ways to minister in this city. This run is on the long side, we may add the miles on to Saturday's run if I'm feeling good.

Day 7 - Monday, Aug 23 - From Fredericksburg, we begin our journey to Richmond. The nice thing about this run is that it ends at Lake Anna State Park! I think a swim will be in order at the end of the day.

Day 8 - Tuesday, Aug 24 - We'll start at Lake Anna State Park and make our way towards Montpelier, passing through towns such as Beaver Dam.

Day 9 - Wednesday, Aug 25 - Starting at Montpelier, we'll be traveling down Route 33 all the way into Richmond, ending at Monroe Park, the central location for ministry in Richmond.

Day 10 - Thursday, Aug 26 - Starting at Monroe Park, we'll leave Richmond and travel towards Charlottesville on Route 6. It will take several miles just to get out of the city.

Day 11 - Friday, Aug 27 - Starting where we ended, near Goochland, VA - we will continue on Route 6 for this leg of the journey and turn north on Route 15.

Day 12 - Saturday, Aug 28 - Starting on Route 15 below Palmyra we will run north, then snake our way to Charlottesville via some back roads. We will finish the journey into Charlottesville by coming in on Route 250 and ending at Lee Park, where most of the Charlottesville ministry occurs.

Day 13 - Sunday, Aug 29 - Starting from Lee Park, we will head out of Charlottesville on Ridge St/Route 631, ending around Faber.

Day 14 - Monday, Aug 30 - We'll start where we left off and do a mix of back roads and Route 29 as we make our way to Lynchburg.

Day 15 - Tuesday, Aug 31 - Last Day!! We will spend most of the day on Route 29, taking the business route through the towns and ending at Fort Hill United Methodist in Lynchburg!! Lynchburg is the home of our UNO ministry - Urban Neighborhood Outreach.

Hope to see you along the way!

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