Monday, August 23, 2010

15 in 15 Run - Day 7(Aug 23) - Fredericksburg to Lake Anna

I started out the day rummaging through my bag and realizing I had no shorts to wear! Since we were headed back to Fredericksburg anyway, I decided to go to Walmart and see what I could find. In Walmart, I looked for technical wicking shorts. The only women's shorts they had were stamped with local high school mascots and were way too short  - chafe city! The men's shorts were too big! (Although I tried on a pair of UVA shorts, which I would have bought just to irritate my VA Tech husband - hehe) Finally, in the boys section I found shorts that fit just right (well, except boys must not have hips) and they were only $4!

So day 7 started in the parking lot of the Walmart shopping center at around 10am. I ran west out of Fredericksburg on Route 3, mainly by running through parking lots of the various shopping centers. At one point, I ran by a Crab Shack. Eww! I thought I was going to puke! Rotten seafood and running don't mix. I was feeling hot and kept trying to roll up my sleeves. That didn't work, so Steve bought a pair of scissors and cut off the sleeves for me! Finally, we turn off of Route 3 and onto Old Plank Rd. This was the worst road of the whole day - but I'm starting to get used to it; lots of traffic and no shoulder. It was also in the sun and the temperature was starting to rise. Fortunately, it never did get as hot as yesterday.

When I first started running, I was feeling pretty good, so I tried to keep the pace up. I wanted to be done with 10 miles before 12:30pm. I almost made it. By that point, I had turned off of Old Plank Rd. and onto Catharpin. This was a nicer road, less travelled, but I was still pretty hot. Physically, I was starting to struggle. My stomach and bowels just didn't feel right. Fortunately, this were short waves that passed pretty quickly when I slowed down. The hardest miles were from about mile 5 to mile 16. After that, the road became more shaded, and I seemed to turn a corner on regaining my strength.

At one point, I was able to run down the length of the telephone poles where the electric company had fashioned a dirt road. I put my trail shoes on for that section and had to dodge some pretty big mudholes. I was feeling some rubbing of my toes and changed shoes at about mile 16. Now, it was a matter of counting down the miles. Fortunately, a lot of this section was shaded. I would call the terrain rolling hills. Nothing really big, but some big enough that I decided to walk up them.

My goal was to finish by 5pm and that's what I used to keep me focused. But I was a little disheartened when as I ran by the entrance station to the park, the sign said the lake closed at 4pm. So much for my after run swim. Even today, with no running partner, I never felt alone. So many people have come into my life to support me and cheer me on in whatever way they can. I never imagined the outpouring of love, friendship and prayers going up on my behalf and I am overwhelmed.

As I finished, Lindsey and I walked on a trail in the park for about 1/2 mile. Today, I felt better during the run and worst after the run. I also realized that I am on the verge of a threshold. I am about to cross the halfway mark in this run. At some point soon, there will come a time when I will have run beyond what I could possibly train for, when the physical limitations of my body are going to start to show, and the run becomes more mental than physical. That's when I covet your prayers and your support the most. When I am in a valley, I know that someone is on the mountain top praying for me, and continuing to lift me up as on wings of eagles, so that I can run and not grow weary, that I can walk and not faint.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Praying for you, Susu! You can do it, Girl! So proud of you!

  2. Susu,

    I love the visual of all the support and love in your life running alongside you! I imagine that when our mortal existences have run thier courses, that we will be running into Heaven with the love and support of our loved and dear ones much as you have been running your 15 in 15 with so much love and support these past few days.
    May you run, and not be weary, walk, and not be faint! May the angels continue to attend you in your endeavors to do so much good!

  3. I love to run and work out. I am looking for some women's shorts for my work out. Anyone have any ideas for some I should look into buying.