Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Movement Challenge!

The Movement Challenge

Help me win $25,000 for

Teens Opposing Poverty

(Without Spending a Penny)

New Balance Shoes is sponsoring The Movement Challenge. The winner receives $25,000 for the charity of his/her choice

Here's how it works: I get 100 points for every mile I runs in an official race. I also gets 500 bonus points when I improve my time for a specific distance.

PLUS... I get 100 points for every runner who signs up and 10 points for every fan who signs up. You have to be 18 or older to participate.

We are trying to get 50,000 extra points to make sure I win. If everybody pitches in, we can do this. I am now in 10th place.

Sign Up as a Fan

1. Go to MovementChallenge.com and click on the Sign Up as a Fan Button.

2. Enter your name, email address, make up a password and enter referral code: 3c624c00-1ce5-4046-8130-bde121ac69b2

3. Click that you agree to the terms and conditions

4. Click Submit

Sign up as a Runner- if you run one official race during the year, you qualify as a runner.

1. Go to MovementChallenge.com and click on the Sign Up as a Runner Button.

2. Enter your name, email address, make up a password and enter referral code: 3c624c00-1ce5-4046-8130-bde121ac69b2

3. On the next screen fill in the other info

4. Step 3: Select "Community" for Cause Category, then scroll down to Teens Opposing Poverty for the cause.

Why make Teens Opposing Poverty your charity?

Teens Opposing Poverty (TOP) empowers youth to meet physical needs and offer hope, friendship and encouragement to poor and homeless people

Every day, millions of people in the United States struggle to survive. Many have no place to call home. Others must choose between food, shelter and medicine.

Meanwhile, a generation of young people filled with compassion and a powerful sense of justice are hungry for an opportunity to make a difference in their world.

They don’t want to wait until they become “adults” to have an impact on others—and they don’t need to. Through its outreaches, TOP provides that opportunity. In 2009, 1,200 volunteers from 61 youth groups served over 3,000 poor and homeless people in the region. Currently we have ministries in DC, Winchester, Richmond, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Newport News. As funds are provided we intend to expand as far as the Lord leads.

Impact the Valley

Every summer, over 130 volunteers participate in a week-long home repair mission project. Since 2005, over 650 volunteers have repaired 50+ homes belonging to low-income families, many of whom are elderly or disabled. The homes have been in Warren, Clarke, Shenandoah and Frederick counties and the city of Winchester.

Motel Ministry

Since 2009, TOP has led an outreach to families living in the lower cost motels of Winchester, bringing groceries, toiletries paper goods, laundry products and has helped families with rent and other special needs.
This ministry model will be used in other cities as we expand.

New Ministries

We are developing a summer mission program to DC. This ministry trips will last for a week and will be open to all youth across the United States. We plan on eventually having 6-8 weeks where youth from all over can experience hands-on ministry to the poor and homeless community on the streets of DC, and learn how to take TOP back into their own community.


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